Stay a Step Ahead of Winter Infections Webinar

Watch our insightful webinar featuring our guest speaker, Gema Martinez Garcia, as she delves into critical topics aimed at equipping healthcare professionals with the knowledge and strategies needed to help combat winter infections.

Webinar recording:

Couldn't make it to our "Stay a Step Ahead of Hidden Winter Infectious Threats” webinar? No worries! Catch the recording now and gain valuable insights from Gema Martinez Garcia to stay ahead of winter infections.

About the Webinar

Our guest speaker, Gema Martinez Garcia, explores key areas essential for winter infection prevention:

  1. Surface Decontamination:
    Explore the importance of high-touch surfaces and strategies to prevent infections and minimise transmission risks among patients through effective decontamination methods.
  2. Patient and Resident Hand Hygiene:
    Discover proactive approaches to promote hand hygiene among patients and residents, crucial for infection prevention during the winter months.
  3. Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR):
    Gain insights into addressing the challenge of antimicrobial resistance exacerbated by winter conditions.

About our guest speaker

Gema Martinez Garcia
RGN, BSC(Hons) Infection Control, MSc Healthcare Leadership

Gema began her nursing career in 2003 and has since accumulated extensive experience across various departments in London hospitals, specialising in haematology for four years. Joining the Infection Prevention and Control team at Homerton University Hospital Foundation Trust in 2009, she completed a B.Sc. (Hons) degree in Infection Control in 2013. Gema's roles have included leading surveillance of surgical site infections and contributing to the development of key hospital departments. Following further education, including a Postgraduate Certificate in Leadership and Management in Healthcare and an MSc in Healthcare Leadership, Gema has served as a Nurse Consultant and Deputy Director of Infection Prevention and Control at University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust since 2021, focusing on establishing a world-class IPC service.

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