How to buy

Clinell Universal Wipes are the No. 1 wipe in Australia hospitals. These, along with our other infection prevention products are now available to buy direct from Amazon and eBay.

Purchase from our online stores

Acute Healthcare

Our dedicated Acute Healthcare Sales Team provide specialist product knowledge and deliver award-winning aftersales support to healthcare organisations across the Australia.

Trade, Wholesale and Community services

We also offer unbeatable infection prevention products and solutions to businesses, GP surgeries, dentists, vets, pharmacists as well as other Australian wholesalers.


Our products are now available to purchase to use in the commercial sector, including retail, offices, schools, distribution centres and cleaning services.

Are you interested in Rediroom or Rediair?

GAMA is continuing to bring innovative products in the infection prevention space. If you're interested in Rediroom, our pop-up isolation room, or Rediair, our air ventialtion solution, please get in touch. We'd love to show you how they work and how they can strengthen infection prevention efforts in your setting. For more information, to book a demo or pre-order the units, please fill out the form.

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