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Infection prevention solutions for dental teams

Combining innovative technology with ease of use, our clinically proven products provide healthcare professionals with the most effective solutions available, from air filtration and surface cleaning and disinfection to hand hygiene.

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Trusted by dental teams to protect patients and meet ASNZS4187 and ASNZS4815.

Universal Wipes 200

Australia's most trusted single-step detergent & disinfectant wipes.


Detergent Wipes 215

Bumper, flow-wrap pack of our ultra-low smear cleaning wipes. Suitable for use with wall-mounted dispenser.


Spill Wipes Range

Quick and easy-to-use body fluid spills kit. Effective decontamination with a super absorbent, peracetic acid...


Antibacterial Hand Wipes 100

Convenient counter-top box of 100 individually-wrapped hand disinfectant wipes. As effective as soap and water.


Exceptional compatibility

Material compatibility is vitally important. Our surface-friendly formulations give you unbeatable clinical efficacy, without damaging your equipment. Verified compatibility with over 50 manufacturers and 100 pieces of equipment, widely used across hospitals and other healthcare settings.

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Find out how we can support your dental surgery to ensure your staff and patients are safe and your practice is compliant with the latest regulations. Our dedicated Australia team looks after community healthcare settings, helping them find infection prevention solutions that actually work in the real world. See how we can help strengthen your infection prevention efforts.