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Rediroom is a temporary isolation room designed to isolate infectious patients under contact or droplet precautions.

An air-filtered isolation room with hands-free entry and an integrated PPE station, Rediroom is contained within a cart that can easily be wheeled to a patient wherever they are – and assembled by a single person in less than 5 minutes.

Designed as an alternative to building space-consuming, single-occupancy rooms that may only be used occasionally, Rediroom enables hospitals to instantly isolate patients under contact or droplet precautions – wherever they are.

Instant isolation for patients under contact and droplet precautions


Filters infectious air

Our HEPA and carbon filters remove 99.995% of particles down to 0.3 microns. That's more efficient than an N95 respirator and small enough to trap respiratory droplets & bacteria before air is returned to the ward.


Hands-free entry and exit

Reduce the risk of hand contamination. With the entry kick-panel strategically placed below the in-built PPE station, Rediroom nudges staff towards PPE and hand-hygiene compliance.


Fully operational in 5 minutes

From mobile cart to isolation room in less time than it takes to secure a traditional single room, Rediroom can be assembled and made fully operational by a single person in under five minutes.


World-first mobile solution

Rediroom packs a full isolation room into a compact and mobile cart that can be easily wheeled to a patient’s bed. Improve bed flexibility by creating an isolation space anywhere on a multi-bay ward.

 HEPA & carbon filtration

The Rediroom canopy incorporates a high-grade HEPA/carbon filter to help process infectious air before it's returned to the open ward.

 Suitable for contact precautions

Common contact precaution pathogens include: MRSA, C. difficle, CPE and other MDR Gram-negative organisms.

 Suitable for droplet precautions

Common droplet precaution pathogens include: inflenza, diptheria, mumps, pertussis & meningococcus.

 Conforms to infection prevention guidelines

Conforms with Australasian Health Facility Guidelines & the UK Department of Health (NHS) Guidance on “Infection Control in the Built Environment”.

 Travel and aviation

It is also ideal for high-risk patients being screened whilst awaiting results.

 Fast and efficient isolation

Rediroom is efficiently deployed on demand and fully operational in 5 minutes.

Product Code
Rediroom Cart REDI1AUS
Rediroom Canopy (Standard) REDICAN1AUS
Rediroom Canopy (Small) REDICAN1AUS-S40


Please contact your local GAMA representative for the Rediroom Cart product code for your country.

Rediroom can be configured to work with two canopy sizes Rediroom Canopy Large (REDICAN1AUS) or Rediroom Canopy Small (REDICAN1AUS-S40). Both canopies have the same height and width, but Rediroom Canopy Small (REDICAN1AUS-S40) has a shorter depth (by 400mm).

By default, Rediroom comes configured to work with Rediroom Canopy Small (REDICAN1AUS-S40), ideal for use in compact bed spaces. To create more space around the foot of the bed, Rediroom can be easily configured to work with Rediroom Canopy Large (REDICAN1AUS). How to configure your Rediroom is detailed in the Rediroom Product Manual.

Rediroom Canopy Large (REDICAN1AUS):
External Dimensions:
H: 2120mm x W: 2770mm x D: 3440mm
Internal Dimensions:
H: 2100mm x W: 2400mm x D: 2900mm

Rediroom Canopy Small (REDICAN1AUS-S40):
External Dimensions:
H: 2120mm x W: 2770mm x D: 3040mm
Internal dimensions:
H: 2100mm x W: 2400mm x D: 2500mm

The Rediroom is protected by the following Patent and Registered Design Applications:

  • ZL201380049414.7

  • ZL2020300620710

  • ZL2020300612220

What precautions is Rediroom suitable for?

Rediroom is suitable for isolating patients with a known or suspected infection which requires them to be placed under contact or droplet precautions.
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What grade is the HEPA filter?

The HEPA filter is a single H14 filter. That means it filters out 99.995% of particles down to 0.3 microns (0.0003 millimetres). For comparison, that's more efficient than an N95 respirator and small enough to trap individual bacteria. Whilst individual virus particles are smaller than 0.3 microns, viruses don't typically exist on their own in the air. For viruses spread via droplets, you'll find them within droplets larger than 0.5 microns, allowing the HEPA filter to trap them, making Rediroom suitable for droplet precautions.
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What is the Rediroom canopy made of?

The canopy is composed of a high-quality HEPA filter, windows and walls. The walls are made of material similar to a tent. It is designed to withstand daily disinfection using quaternary ammonium compounds, hydrogen peroxide or 1,000ppm chlorine cloths. It is also flame retardant.
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What are the internal dimensions?

The extended frame is 2,420mm wide x 2,920mm deep.

How many air changes are there?

There are 12 air changes per hour.

Are the canopies reusable?

The canopies should not be reused in a healthcare setting. They are designed to be disposed of in clinical waste. For demonstration purposes, canopies can be re-folded if they have not been attached to the floor.
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What are the power supply requirements?

AUS/NZ / 230-240V 50Hz / Meanwell / MSP-300-24
EU (CE) / 230V 50Hz / Meanwell / MSP-300-24
North America / 120V 60Hz / TBD / TBD
China / 220V 50Hz / Meanwell / MSP-300-24
Brazil / 127V / 220V 60Hz / TBD / TBD
Japan / 100V 50/60Hz / TBD / TBD
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How can the PPE cart be customised?

By default it will include alcoves to dispense 3 sizes of gloves, Clinell Universal Wipes 200, Clinell Hand Sanitising Gel and disposable aprons. There is also space to add: safety glasses x10 and a box of disposable surgical masks.
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The problem is that there is no easy isolation... With Rediroom you can create an effective isolation area and retain the flexibility to move it around anywhere. There’s no other product on the market that can do that.


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