Medical device alert 27-03-13


27th April 2013


On March 27th the MHRA issued a medical device alert regarding the use of detergent and disinfectant wipes used on reusable medical devices with plastic surfaces.

For more information click on the news title or here. The alert states you need to ensure detergent and disinfectant wipes are compatible with the device and that you should always follow the device manufacturer’s decontamination instructions. You can find the alert here. It describes damage to medical devices such as tympanic thermometers, patient monitors, infusion pumps, dialysis fluid filters, peritoneal dialysis transfer sets and infant warmers.   The action you need to take is to identify all device decontamination processes that include using a detergent and /or disinfectant wipe on a plastic surface and ensure that you have a compatible process in accordance with the device manufacturer’s instructions. If in doubt contact the device manufacturer for clarification.   All Clinell disinfectant wipes have undergone extensive material safety testing to show long term compatibility with a wide variety of plastics and rubbers. Whilst our testing shows our wipes are safe on a wide variety of plastics, the notice stipulates you need to follow the device manufacturer’s decontamination instructions. As such for devices of concern you need to contact the manufacturer of that device to ask them for their decontamination policy.   The alert further states that if the manufacturer’s decontamination instructions are inadequate, report this fact to the MHRA and the manufacturer. If you would like a copy of our material safety testing or any more information please email us on



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