Our Charity Partnerships

Being supportive and caring is one of our core values. Throughout the year, our dedicated charity team work with our charity partners to create vital fundraising initiatives, which we’re very proud of. Find out more about our chosen charities below.


Sepsis Australia

It is also poorly known that sepsis can be prevented by vaccination and that early recognition and treatment reduces sepsis mortality by 50%. This lack of knowledge makes sepsis the number one preventable cause of death worldwide.

Sepsis is the leading cause of death from infection around the world, accounting for at least 8 million deaths worldwide annually. Yet, depending on the country and education, sepsis is known only to 7 – 50 % of the people.

Giving back to our community is so important. We’ve partnered with charities who share our purpose. We’re so proud to support these great causes & the work they do. By working together, we can prevent infections & save lives.


GAMA's Charity Partnerships 2020 - 2022

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