Choosing between different UV automated room decontamination systems


12th January 2017


There is increasing evidence that UV-based automated room decontamination systems reduce the transmission of key hospital pathogens. There seems to be an exponential multiplication of suppliers of UV room decontamination systems! So how to choose between the many options available? An article in AJIC provides a framework for making this decision. The evidence shows that UV-C systems are more effective than pulsed-xenon systems. Beyond that, the decision between UV-C systems will depend on a number of factors. Here, we review the various parameters that are discussed in the article, explaining why we chose the Clinell UV-360 room sanitiser.

  • UV-C or pulsed-xenon? The evidence is clear that UV-C systems are more effective than pulsed-xenon UV systems, when run for the same amount of time from the same point in the room under controlled laboratory experiments.
  • Data collection. It is vital that a UV system has a mechanism to collect and export data on the usage of the system in a user friendly format, in order to ensure that the actual usage of UV is as anticipated, and focussing on areas with the highest risk.
  • Measured or timed dose? Whilst a measured dose is appealing in theory, it adds cost and complexity to the UV-C system, and what value does it add? The evidence shows that a timed dose is just as effective as a measured dose of UV!
  • To paint or not to paint? There is some evidence that using UV reflective paint may help to increase the efficacy of UV systems. Implementing UV reflective paint can be costly and has logistical challenges, but it seems that if you plan to us UV regularly, it will be worth it.
  • Cost and cost-effectiveness. It is important to keep the costs of a UV room decontamination system low to give the best chance of achieving cost-effectiveness.

The evidence base is clear that conventional methods of cleaning are not always adequate to reduce the risk of transmission to an acceptable level, arguing strongly for the use of automated room decontamination systems, such as UV-C, to augment conventional cleaning and disinfection. GAMA have carefully reviewed the UV market and chosen the UV-360 room sanitiser as their UV-C system of choice! If you would like further information, please get in touch!



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