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New study reveals Australian Long COVID response lagging. (n.d.). Retrieved February 14, 2024, from

Australia, H. (2022, March 2). Understanding post-COVID-19 symptoms and “long COVID.” 

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Shared patients

Cobrado, L., Silva-Dias, A., Azevedo, M. M., & Rodrigues, A. G. (2017). High-touch surfaces: Microbial neighbours at hand. European Journal of Clinical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases, 36(11), 2053–2062.

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CDC. (2023, September 25). RSV Transmission. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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Reduce Risk from Surfaces | HAI | CDC. (2022, September 2).

Carling PC, Huang SS. Improving Healthcare Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection Current and Evolving Issues. Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology. 2013 May;34(5):507–13.

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CDC. (2023, May 4). Show Me the Science - Why Wash Your Hands? Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Loveday, H., Tingle, A., & Wilson, J. (2020). Using a multi-modal Strategy to Improve Patient Hand Hygiene. American Journal of Infection Control, 49(6).

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WHO. (2023, November 21). Antimicrobial resistance. World Health Organization.


For hospitals | Antimicrobial resistance. (2017, July 14). Antimicrobial Resistance.


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Sukhum, K. V., Newcomer, E. P., Cass, C., Wallace, M. A., Johnson, C., Fine, J., Sax, S., Barlet, M. H., Burnham, C.-A. D., Dantas, G., & Kwon, J. H. (2022). Antibiotic-resistant organisms establish reservoirs in new hospital built environments and are related to patient blood infection isolates. Communications Medicine, 2(1), 1–15.

‌Glowicz, J. B., Landon, E., Sickbert-Bennett, E. E., Aiello, A. E., deKay, K., Hoffmann, K. K., Maragakis, L., Olmsted, R. N., Polgreen, P. M., Trexler, P. A., VanAmringe, M. A., Wood, A. R., Yokoe, D., & Ellingson, K. D. (2023). SHEA/IDSA/APIC Practice Recommendation: Strategies to prevent healthcare-associated infections through hand hygiene: 2022 Update. Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology, 44(3), 1–22.

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Air purification

Arıkan, İ., Genç, Ö., Uyar, C., Tokur, M. E., Balcı, C., & Perçin Renders, D. (2022). Effectiveness of air purifiers in intensive care units: an intervention study. Journal of Hospital Infection, 120, 14–22.

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Stawicki, S., Urrutia, A., Kimble, C., & Worrilow, K. (2023). Proven Impact of an Advanced Air Purification System in the Reduction of Infectious Airborne and Surface Pathogens, Concomitant Reduction of Hospital-acquired Infections and Length of Stay, and Improvement in Health-care Economics. Journal of Global Infectious Diseases, 15(1), 3–5.

Salmonsmith, J., Ducci, A., Balachandran, R., Guo, L., Torii, R., Houlihan, C., Epstein, R., Rubin, J., Tiwari, M. K., & Lovat, L. B. (2023). Use of portable air purifiers to reduce aerosols in hospital settings and cut down the clinical backlog. Epidemiology and Infection, 151, e21.

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US EPA, O. (2019, February 19). What is a HEPA filter?

Educational Articles

 Access at point of care

Chetan Jinadatha, et. al., (2024). Understanding the significance of microbiota recovered from health care surfaces. American Journal of Infection Control, 52(2), 220–224. 2. Dadon, et al., (2023).

The impact of bedside wipes in multi-patient rooms: a prospective, crossover trial evaluating infections and survival. Journal of Hospital Infection.

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O’Neill, J. (2016). Tackling Drug-Resistant Infections Globally: Final Report and Recommendations. Review on Antimicrobial Resistance. London: Wellcome Trust. 2. WHO. (2023, November 21).

Antimicrobial resistance. World Health Organization.

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 Stubborn pathogens

1. Leggett, M. J., Setlow, P., Sattar, S. A., & Maillard, J.-Y., (2016). Assessing the activity of microbicides against bacterial spores: knowledge and pitfalls. Journal of Applied Microbiology, 120(5), 1174–1180. 2.

Carter, Y., Barry, D. (2011) Tackling C. difficile with environmental cleaning. Nursing Times, 107(36), 22-25.

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 Hand hygiene

Istenes, N., Bingham, J., Hazelett, S., Fleming, E., & Kirk, J. (2013). Patients’ potential role in the transmission of health care-associated infections: Prevalence of contamination with bacterial pathogens and patient attitudes toward hand hygiene. American Journal of Infection Control, 41(9), 793–798. Okada, J., Yamamizu, Y., & Fukai, K. (2016).

Effectiveness of hand hygiene depends on the patient’s health condition and care environment. Japan Journal of Nursing Science, 13(4), 413–423

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