Detergent Range


Detergent Range

Incredibly powerful, ultra-low smear multi-surface wipes. Alcohol & disinfectant free. Patented environmentally friendly formula.

Ideal for general multi-surface cleaning and damp dusting prior to disinfection, Clinell Detergent Wipes feature a patented cleaning formula specifically designed for use in healthcare environments. With a formulation derived from sustainable plant sources, they allow you to keep patients safe without harming the Earth. Suitable for surfaces and equipment.

Product line
Product line
ProductProduct code
Detergent Wipes 215CDW215AUS
Detergent Clip Pack 60CDCP60AUS
Detergent Bucket 260CDB260AUS
Detergent Bucket Refill 260CDB260RAUS
Detergent Tub 110CDT110AUS
Detergent Tub Refill 110CDT110RAUS
Detergent Wipes Dispenser (for CDW215)CDD

What are the caution statements associated with these products?

For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Discontinue use if irritation develops, if irritatio…Read More

What are the advantages of using this product over other detergent wipes?

Clinell Detergent Wipes contain a unique patented formula which provides stronger cleaning power and…Read More

What products does this wipe replace?

These wipes are for multi-surface cleaning and damp dusting. They will replace all detergent wipes a…Read More

Do I need to wear gloves when using this product?

If using this product for prolonged periods then gloves should be worn.

Always check and follow you…

Read More

Will the detergent wipes kill the bugs on the surface?

No. Although there will be some removal of micro-organisms with the mechanical action of cleaning, i…Read More

Do I need to dry the surface after I use Clinell Detergent Wipes?

Yes, it is recommended to dry the surface after wiping. This is to prevent microorganisms to grow in…Read More



Detergent Clip Pack 60

Highly-effective cleaning wipes pack with an integrated clip for easy access.


Detergent Tub 110

Durable, space-saving plastic tub. Ideal for janitorial and cleaning carts.


Detergent Tub Refill 110

Cost-effective, environmentally-friendly soft pack, fits into empty tub for easy dispensing.


GAMA Healthcare provides excellent service and their organisation-wide training programme is especially commendable.

Natalie Vaughan, Clinical Lead, Infection Prevention and Control, Nottingham University Hospitals

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