The Clinell product range combines innovative technology with ease of use, providing the professional healthcare industry with the most effective solutions available. Clinell is the leading supplier of infection control and prevention products to the NHS with a comprehensive range of wet wipes and accessories. Clinell's product claims are supported and verified by the strongest data package within the market. Clinell provide market leading after sales service, which includes free dispenser fitting, bespoke training and literature to assist with environmental cleaning compliance.

Clinell also offers a comprehensive training package which focuses on the science, best practice and importance of environmental cleaning in the Acute sector. Written, edited and approved by many experienced and respected infection control professionals, it will revolutionise the way training is given within the NHS.

research & development

Our Research and Development team are permanently engaged in developing new and improved products. This enables us to continually bring the most innovative and effective solutions to market.

referenced & validated

We test and verify all of our products to ensure that they are the most effective available. Many of our products have been clinically proven in real world conditions and several have been referenced in scientific journals.

tailored to your needs

Our unique training package offers the most accessible and entertaining guide to environmental cleaning available. 5 fun and engaging games help to emphasis the importance of how to clean, high touch points, contact time and transference.

comprehensive & reliable

Our industry leading support package includes the free installation of wall mounted dispensers, educational marketing material and visits from our experienced infection control nurse trainers.